Welcome To The Home Of Blackjack

Welcome to ‘The Infidel Guy’, a new website which has been created with the sole intention of shedding some truthful light on an area of gambling which has plagued many a man for nigh-on centuries’ now: strategy.

Focusing primarily on the wonderful and classic game of Blackjack, it is our mission here at The Infidel Guy to provide our users with the complete, total and utter truth in relation to the many proposed strategies related to the game which are currently doing the rounds out there.

At this stage in our new found relationship together, it may be best to just bluntly outline where we stand on the issue of Blackjack strategy. To be brutally honest, we don’t think any single popular strategy among the thousands available to players actually works. Whilst it is truly undeniable that many of them possess certain useful features which can go a very long into drastically improving your game, we are yet to encounter one that outright functions on its own.

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Though you’re undoubtedly now reassessing your decision to visit The Infidel Guy in the first place, I’d like to quickly outline the services and contributions we do offer our users, aside from raw unrestricted pessimism, of course.

We like to think that our know-how on our chosen subject, which in case you missed it earlier is in fact Blackjack strategy, works both ways. With this, we feel that our scrutiny of current systems is capable of teaching just as much, if not more than if we were just another run of the mill strategy promotions site.