About The Infidel Guy

The Infidel Guy is a humble young organisation which is constituted of an equally humble (though perhaps not so young…) team of industry pundits, insiders and self-proclaimed experts (glorified pundits?), who all share a wealth of experience when it comes to Blackjack, as well the strategies surrounding it.

Having become uncomfortable, not to mention completely disenfranchised, with the sheer amount of ‘failsafe strategic guides’ on available on the internet, we decided to vent our collective frustrations. Through our own research, we have found many of these guides to be completely under par in terms of quality, with very little distinction being made between those which are free and those that require users to pay.

Essentially, we aim to tear through as many of these so-called guides as we can, in turn separating the useful from the terrible and terrible from the completely insulting. Using our over analytic tendencies to determine the features of each strategy which are useful and which are probably best completely forgotten, it is our hope that each of our users may work on their own personal strategies, and even share the fundamentals with their fellow users.

Based out of scenic rural Cheshire, North West England, our organisation is independently operated and holds the best of intentions at its very core. If you’d like to learn more about The Infidel Guy or even have some feedback for us with regards to our services or website then you can contact us by using the information provided below:

Post:      Daniel Scott

61 Greyfriars Road

Capenhurst, Cheshire


Phone:   07011 342 795

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