Blackjack, You, and the Pharmaceutical CEO

Do you think you know what blackjack is all about? You probably think it is all about making money. Maybe you believe it is about having some quality time with your friends. Perhaps you believe blackjack and other forms of gambling are simply ways to relax after a long day or while enjoying a vacation. All of these are true. However, scientists also like to link blackjack and other gambling games to big corporations. At least one connection has been made between blackjack gambling and big pharmaceutical companies.

Big pharmaceutical companies invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul

Big pharmaceutical companies are a lot like gamblers at the blackjack table. Yes, some gamblers win after sitting down a few times and walking away. However, skilled blackjack players know the big payout comes after a considerable amount of time is spent sitting at the table, watching cards, and watching the other players. Big pharmaceutical companies are doing just that. They invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul. The chips represent their investment money. What do their cards represent? The cards represent all of those researchers they have toiling away at the next big drug.

Many hands don’t play out at the blackjack table. The same is true with the researchers toiling away in the drug lab. Many of the drugs don’t work and don’t ever see the light of day. However, the companies know that eventually they will come across that wonder drug that will be used by millions of people and bring in billions of dollars in profits. That is the type of blackjack payout these companies are waiting for. So think about these things the next time you play blackjack. You are no different than the CEO of a billion dollar company.