Intro: On the Green to Make Green

To the casual observer, the art of gambling and the sport of golf share some interesting similarities. In each sport, the game runs far throughout the day, and is full of impossible shots, long odds and ungodly amounts of luck. However, as any golfer or gambler knows, the game can be finessed and wooed to the desirable outcome with the proper skill-set and ice-cold mentality.

Argyle online slot


On 2015/10/2, a Bloodsport-esque tourney will take place online. The 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament in effect pits up to 1000 contestants up against each other via the Argyle Open slot machine. The entry fee is 4 EUR, a small buy-in for the chance at big winnings.


The Argyle Open is a vibrant, enticing piece of machinery who’s reels and paylines are set against the peaceful backdrop of the green. The audio and visuals on this machine are truly stunning, keeping the gambler in front of it fully engaged. Imaginative multi-level bonus rounds and varying coin values add layers of depth to the playing experience. Take a look below to discover more features:

  • 5 reels with a whopping 40 paylines, up to 400 coin bet
  • Wild symbols pay up to 1000 coins and are equivalent to any other symbol

3+ Gold Ball/Scatter symbols activate 3 bonus levels, which can lead to 20 free spins!

Casino Craps Require More Skill Than You Think

At casinos in Europe and around the world, craps tables beckon players with high hopes that Lady Luck will smile their way. As a gambling game, craps is rarely considered to demand any skill level from players, but game theory researchers and casino analysts have recently started to pay attention to certain factors of craps that may be reliant upon player’s abilities.

casino craps game

Proper Rolling of the Dice

Casino players who hope to achieve some level of success at the craps table should realize that pure chance is the magic of this game. Unlike other games such as blackjack and poker, it is difficult to think about craps players as “grinders,” meaning that they would frequently engage in the game for the purpose of making a living.

Aside from money management, only two skills can be applied to craps: rolling and understanding table odds. Game theorists who factor in kinetics when studying craps believe that dice can be arranged and tossed in a certain way to avoid rolling the dreaded seven. Craps tables are designed to apply as much randomness to the game as possible, which is why rolling down the middle and straight against the back wall results in the invocation of pure chance.

Theoretically, a player with access to a practice craps table could experiment with different throws that hit the back wall at different spots. The player would have to take notes, try different rolling techniques for hours, and be mindful of the basic odds of craps, such as how easy it is to roll a seven, which can happen with six possible combinations.

What about online craps? Without the physical aspect of the table, the skill factor of rolling the dice goes away.

Seminole Tribe Seeks Governor’s Help For Offering Blackjack

Florida’s government had given the Seminole Tribe the exclusive rights to offer blackjack, baccarat and other popular card games in return for cut of $1 billion over five give years. But recently the state broke this promise of exclusivity by allowing online blackjack and poker across the state. Due to this development the Seminole Tribe has asked Gov. Rick Scott to dissolve the dispute and reach an amicable understanding. Tribal chairman has requested government permission to allow them to offer card games without paying any money to state as it does not have exclusivity any more. If this matter does not get resolved soon then the tribe can also approach federal courts for solution.

Five years ago the government of Florida had a formal agreement with Indian tribe Seminole to exclusively provide card games like baccarat, blackjack and others

Details of Seminole Compact

Five years ago the government of Florida had a formal agreement with Indian tribe Seminole to exclusively provide card games like baccarat, blackjack and others within the state which is referred to as “Seminole Compact”. If the government does not revoke the licence given to electronic gambling firms in the state then Seminole may stop paying the $200 million it is paying every to the state. The tribe’s chairman has sent a request to the governor’s office stating that it will keep paying the agreed amount to state till the problem is resolved.

About Seminole Tribe owned casinos

The Seminole Tribe has two casinos in Florida, namely we Seminole casino hotel at Immokalee and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at Tampa. While earlier the tribe was willing to negotiate a new term with the state it has now asked for permission to keep running the blackjack and baccarat card tables without paying the high fees. This is because blackjack themed electronic slot machines are eating into their profits and soon Seminole may have to shut down the card tables. If no resolution is done within forthcoming thirty to sixty days then the tribe will seek mediation or sue the state for breach of contract.

Keep Yourself Updated about the Latest Online Casino Promotions and Earn Big

A greater chunk of people in UK enjoy online casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and a host of other casino games right from the comfort of their couch at home.

The platform of online casino gaming is a relatively new one but nonetheless, it’s getting very competitive each day as more online casinos are trying to attract a greater number of offers, bonuses and promotions to attract a broader spectrum of clients and players who would invest in their casinos and would uplift their brand identities in the process.

Winner CasinoGet 100% bonus codes on the bank holiday with Magical Vegas from 2nd to 4th May. All you need to do is deposit a small amount between £10 and £500 and once the codes are matched you can wager the amounts.

Winner Casino offers £300 on welcome bonus to the new players. Empowered by Playtech, this online casino has an amazing range of table games and slot games for the players to enjoy. You can also try their mobile casino option and the live dealers option as poker and bingo have been added recently. New players get 200% for welcome bonus.

Virgin Poker allows 200% deposit bonus till the amount of £600. William Hill Poker rooms allow a wider range of bonuses and poker gaming options while the players can earn their deposit bonus ranging to £1250. Winner Casino also allows free spins for their slot players. You don’t need to spend your money as you can use your allocated free spins to play.

Betfred Poker featuring an instant play option gives out welcome bonus up to a whopping $2000 including a VIP scheme each month.

You can check out the various web platforms to find more information about the various casino promotions that you can enjoy and wager.

Blackjack, You, and the Pharmaceutical CEO

Do you think you know what blackjack is all about? You probably think it is all about making money. Maybe you believe it is about having some quality time with your friends. Perhaps you believe blackjack and other forms of gambling are simply ways to relax after a long day or while enjoying a vacation. All of these are true. However, scientists also like to link blackjack and other gambling games to big corporations. At least one connection has been made between blackjack gambling and big pharmaceutical companies.

Big pharmaceutical companies invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul

Big pharmaceutical companies are a lot like gamblers at the blackjack table. Yes, some gamblers win after sitting down a few times and walking away. However, skilled blackjack players know the big payout comes after a considerable amount of time is spent sitting at the table, watching cards, and watching the other players. Big pharmaceutical companies are doing just that. They invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul. The chips represent their investment money. What do their cards represent? The cards represent all of those researchers they have toiling away at the next big drug.

Many hands don’t play out at the blackjack table. The same is true with the researchers toiling away in the drug lab. Many of the drugs don’t work and don’t ever see the light of day. However, the companies know that eventually they will come across that wonder drug that will be used by millions of people and bring in billions of dollars in profits. That is the type of blackjack payout these companies are waiting for. So think about these things the next time you play blackjack. You are no different than the CEO of a billion dollar company.

Keno Player Earns $1.2 Million at Yamanto Tavern

Player won $1.2 million in Keno

A lucky Keno player from Ipswich won an astounding amount of $1.2 million on a ticket that he purchased on a Saturday afternoon just on a whim. The 58 year old man is a regular at Yamanto Tavern and casually plays Keno during weekends. He would have missed the event if he had not presented the ticket instead of just walking away after purchasing his beer as he had not waited to hear the final number. After finishing his beer when he casually gave his Keno ticket for checking he was pleasantly surprised that he had won $1.2 million in Keno jackpot of the day.


Future plans of the winner

The ecstatic winner from Ipswich has stated that the amount would be utilized to go on a round caravan trip across Australia with his wife. He certainly was not expecting to win a million dollars during a casual trip to the Yamanto Tavern for a drink. Besides travelling across the country, the Queensland resident announced that he will spend quality time with is family besides continuing to work after his long holiday. The winning ticket was a Kwikpik that cost $10 for playing out 10 $1 games. His winning combination of Keno numbers were 4,7,12,14,16,25,44,49,59 and 70.


About Keno in Australia

According to Keno Spokesperson Nick Quinn, this winner is the fourth millionaire in Queensland and there are more likely to be announced in following months. Nick Quinn wished the family a safe and memorable journey in their new caravan home across Australia. Each month Keno awards $28 million to players in Queensland which are at a minimum of 1 million each. Keno in Australia is run by South Australian Lotteries and Intralot which runs the Lucky Keno. Since the game is popular in clubs, hotels, casinos, it is run by Tabcorp Holdings which run Keno across New South Wales and Queensland.

New Acquisition by Elray Gaming

Elray Gaming has widened its business with a new acquisition in the form of additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino. With this move, Elray’s ownership of Golden Galaxy has reached 48 percent.


 Value of the acquisition

Monetary value aside, this is quite a smart business move from Elray. Golden Galaxy is a reputable casino with a worldwide presence and its revenue has been going upward with every passing month. Golden Galaxy business is a remarkable addition to Elray’s ever-expanding with everything related to gaming industry.


additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino.


Golden Galaxy offers a variety of slot games, poker, craps, roulette and blackjack with safe transactions options. It has amazing games with great graphics, which have the players keep coming to the casino. It also offers regular promotions and keeps adding new games to its repertoire. With progressive jackpots in play, Golden Galaxy is a fun and thrilling online casino for gaming fans. This makes it a very valuable business addition to Elray Business. No doubt, it made the move to increase its stake in the casino from 23 percent to 48 percent.


Elray acquisition strategy

Elray is an American company but has a worldwide presence. They have offices in London, Sydney, Curacao and other locations and this helps them manage and safeguard their businesses in every important territory.

The company is known to acquire gaming properties, trademarks, domains and even player databases. It uses patented software, which helps protect its intellectual properties. Elray is also known to take risks when it comes to its acquisitions. However, with Golden Galaxy it seems that Elray has acquired a golden business venture worth its every dime. As long as both companies are solid, both stand to profit from the new deal.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Parties with Casino Legend

Paris Hilton is the quintessential party girl. Often seen with the famous names at party destinations all over the world; she was recently seen with the casino legend Don Johnson.


Party details

Paris Hilton is now doing DJ gigs all over the world it seems. This past October she was in the Atlantic City where she was the DJ at Harrah’s. But while music was rocking at the hotspot from Hilton’s spins; Don Johnson arrived and began his own champagne party. If the people witnessing the scene are to be believed he spent close to $15000 on the bubbly. It was one bottle after another of Ace of Spades and Moët.

Seeing the two together later on wasn’t that surprising as the two have been friends for a long time. So was it just two friends meeting and partying or there is more to the pair seen together, there is no way to tell just yet.


And some more

Now much is known about Paris Hilton; more than necessary some would say. However, she has been on the public radar for many years now and for many things as well. A born heiress to a hotel empire, she has no shortage of money whether inherited or earned. She is also an actress and runs quite a few successful businesses. So if she is seen with the high and mighty from the world of entertainment and sport, she certainly goes for the glam quotient it seems and not money alone.

Now Don Johnson is a casino legend himself. He is well-known for making millions from the Atlantic City casinos. During 2011 he is said to have won nearly $11 million from various casinos in the Atlantic City within a short period of six months. His gambling wins began in 2010 when he won a sum of $4 million playing blackjack at the Caesars. He again cleared the house when playing at Borgata and won a cool $4.9 million playing a mean game of blackjack again.

So it is not surprising that when these two notorious party hoppers are seen together, it makes news.

Census Online Casino

Big Launch of Census Online Casino

Online gambling portals have transformed over the last few years into phenomenal spaces that offer a variety of exceptional gaming solutions to players worldwide. Some of the many pros to online gaming are the nerve wracking thrills and pleasures of possibly winning a stellar prize of money that will boost your bank account significantly.

Gaming portals are now riddled with generous payouts, exciting and engaging graphics, seemingly innumerable free spins and chips, and exhilarating times on choicest options among your favourite games.

Flirt with destiny and cajole Lady Luck with the option to play games wherever and whenever you like. Online gaming brings players the opportunity to make incredible wins literally right off the palm of their hands.

Royalty treatment

One such recently launched fresh and stunning platform can be found in the Cresus Casino. Stylishly designed with an allure that caters to the worldly player, the casino offers a comprehensive selection of top attractive games and marvellous options of value promotions.

Registered members to the platform are assured 100% initial deposit bonus of up to €100. In addition players will also receive referral bonuses with registration of fellow players and friends on to the portal. Over and above, friends referred will receive a special 150% initial deposit casino

Creating exciting new opportunities for dedicated and loyal players, the web space awards frequent and consistent players increased and enhanced value bonuses. The more you play and win on the games offered, the more the casino rewards you for winning. Expect prizes on winnings and much more with the many offers and promotions available for players.

Top solutions

Premium games provided by leading programmers like iGaming2Go, Net Entertainment, B3W Group, NextGen Gaming, Leander Games, and Cryptologic. The classy online site offers a variety of games that cater to all kinds of player preferences and tastes. Enjoy fun renditions of popular series like South Park and similar themed characters and games that guarantee to engage right from the start.

Gamers can also try their luck with classic casino games like roulette, baccarat, and attempt multiple renditions of casino standard table card games like blackjack and poker. Players interested in a unique and interactive gaming experience can attempt top quality live game option.


Game Review

Tiny Tower Vegas Review: What Happens In Vegas Is All Fun!

Have you played the Tiny Tower, the original tower game by NimbleBit? If yes, it certainly won’t be difficult for you to understand Tiny Tower Vegas—a game you can enjoy on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is the latest offering from NimbleBit, an American developer and publisher of mobile apps. The essential task you have to accomplish is to construct a towering skyscraper as you earn coins and use the same to build the floors. If you win enough currency, you are empowered to construct a new floor.


Rich detailing makes it worthwhile

The game gets as addictive as it can possibly get because you would want to keep raising that tower. The huge difference between other such Tower versions and Tiny Tower Vegas is that here guests have to check out and check in to suites. The casino theme is what makes the game worth paying a visit to. A floor you construct could host a slots game, or blackjack, and the games cost you chips. For you to earn chips, you could get them through quests, tips and other such tasks. The game allows you to earn lots of Bux, which is the traditional currency, but the inclusion of chips is interesting. While Bux and coins are what you would need to accumulate, chips have the potential to be hoarded in a short time. Friends can visit your tower to see how much progress you have made and even tip you with chips after they participate in the casino games, so it helps to have a good list of friends.


Charming game

Tiny Tower Vegas is a charming game, hardly tedious and you are bound to love it. This offering from NimbleBit is full of rich detailing, from the Bitizens, to the sound of thunder or roars of a dinosaur, all making it a highly enriching experience.

The free-to-play game is now available for downloading across the world following a soft launch some time back. The sequel also has features present in the original version like the BitBook, a social network site, with cool statuses.