Blackjack in Germany

Players Agree: Baden-Baden Is the Place to Go For Blackjack in Germany


For a number of reasons, blackjack in German casinos seems to get a bad reputation. Whether it’s because of poor odds, or simply is not a local favorite, it’s not uncommon for travelers visiting the casinos to skip on the blackjack tables and pursue other games. This is a phenomenon that many foreign visitors find somewhat odd, particularly those who come from London, where casinos are often packed with blackjack players waiting upwards of an hour or more for a seat at a table. However, blackjack players traveling in Germany should not fret – there is a solution! The Baden-Baden casino has been named by even some of the harshest critics of the blackjack-less casinos in Germany as a great destination for the game.Blackjack

The Baden-Baden is one of the oldest casinos of its type, with traditional games and tables in a stunningly ornate building. The structure is reminiscent of something you’d see on the set of a classic mob or action film, with the mysterious characters sitting about smoking cigars as they play hands of blackjack or poker over smalltalk. This distinctive old-school elegance and luxury is often cited as one of the very reasons for the success of the blackjack tables at Baden-Baden. The simple nostalgia and experience of channeling Frank Sinatra or Clark Gable is almost irresistible for many Western travelers.

The minimum bet of €5 allows an affordable buy-in that tourists flocking to the casino for the novel experience alone can enjoy without breaking their bank accounts. However, the flexible €500 maximum bet also provides the potential for much higher stakes amongst those who have come to truly play a serious game with serious stakes. This relatively wide betting margin creates an atmosphere that provides blackjack tables with quite a bit of flexibility. With the charm of the building itself, the reasonable buy-in, and the volume of tourists coming to experience one of the oldest casinos in existence, it’s no wonder that all five blackjack tables at the establishment are often filled. While there are many casinos to explore in Germany, it seems that Baden-Baden should be the blackjack player’s destination.

History of Blackjack

History of Blackjack: Some less Known Facts



Whether you are a professional blackjack player or a novice, you need to know the history of this game that is played in casinos all over the world. Although the country of origin of this much loved game is debatable, researchers agree that it has been around since 900AD.


About the game


Blackjack, also known as Vingt-et-Un (or “Twenty One”), is one of the oldest card games and has been a favourite with gambling house regulars for over three centuries. It requires expert level computational and memory skills, apart from a generous portion of luck. Descriptions of premature versions of blackjack have appeared in several early French and Spanish books. One of the theories about the origin of the game is that the Romans invented it for the purpose of entertainment. However, there is no concrete evidence to back this up.


BlackjackEvolution of blackjack


Blackjack has been evolving right from the time it was conceived, and continues to do so even today. 1931 saw the birth of the game in Las Vegas casinos under the name of “Twenty One.” During this time, the player would get bonus points for collecting a suit of a Black Jack (either the club or spade) and an Ace of Spades. In later times, the game came to be known as Blackjack for this reason.


In the early versions of the game, players were allowed to bet on the cards only before dealing them. Also, they were not allowed to split or double the cards. In the Spanish adaptation of blackjack, the highest number of points that a player had to earn to win the game was 31 instead of 21. These rules, however, have changed in recent times, where betting is allowed only once in the beginning of the game and players can double as well as split their hand.



How Blackjack is Taking Over

Blackjack’s Global Popularity Surges

In the world of casino games, poker had its Hollywood moment in the early 21st century thanks to a global period of prosperity, technological innovation and visibility. Gaming analysts are now keeping an eye on blackjack, a game that has been gaining traction and popularity in the last few years.

Until about 2010, poker seemed to have it all: Celebrities, televised tournament, lifestyle publications, and plenty of money to go around. Websites offering online poker games became more sophisticated, and Hollywood films such as Rounders helped to spread its popularity. Things slowed down considerably in late 2008 with the collapse of the world’s financial markets and the advent of the global economic crisis. The game took a major hit in April 2011 with the Black Friday law enforcement actions against major online poker sites by American officials.

Although poker is still very popular, blackjack seems to be taking up poker’s lost ground. Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White are two celebrities who have made recent headlines for their strategic style of blackjack play; they both have been banned from North American casinos due to their alleged card-counting.Blackjack

Card-counting is nearly impossible when it comes to online blackjack games due to random-number generating algorithms, but that does not seem to be stopping the flow of players to mobile games such as Blackjack Live, an iOS and Android title developed by Abzorba Games. In the last few weeks, Blakjack Live has seen over one million players.

In Canada, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently accepted a new developer to expand its online and mobile casino platforms, which may include blackjack games. Another good sign for blackjack is the interest in fancy, themed decks of cards; on the handcraft website and social network Etsy, decks of cards based on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones are being snapped up by eager players.

Still, full and busy blackjack tables are not the norm everywhere. Gaming rooms in Madrid, for example, have been deserted for most of 2014, prompting casino operators to look into expanding their operations to Asia.

Online gambling tips

5 Tips for Online Gambling Success


Online casinos have changed the way we gamble. There was a time when going to a casino, a betting house, or an unlicensed poker game was the only way to place money on non-sporting events. Nowadays, people can sit in the comfort of their living room and place high value bets through their laptop, tablet or smartphone. While a large part of online gambling success involves luck, here are five steps that will increase the odds of you beating the house.

1. Choose Wisely

Choosing the right game is crucial if you want to win more than you lose. Avoid a scattergun approach to picking games, and concentrate on the ones you know well. Learn the rules, read about tips and tricks online, practice on sites that do not involve real money, and work out a system that allows you to at least break even.

2. Alternate Between High and Low Payout Games

When playing online slot games, alternate between high and low jackpot games. The higher jackpot games will give you a big boost every now and then, but the odds of success are lower. Meanwhile, the lower jackpot games can keep your bank balance ticking over.

3. Never Ignore Offers and Promotions

Sticking to one gambling site is a bad idea, because it limits you from taking advantage of new promotions and offers. 300% bonus offers, free cash while signing up, and free jackpot shots are just a few examples of what you can earn when signing up with a new betting site.

4. Set Limits

No matter how much you are winning or losing, it is important to stick to your pre-arranged limits. If you have decided to only bet 50 pounds a week, never deviate from that amount. Limits help control the urge to gamble compulsively, and they ensure you do not lose your hard earned savings.

5. Quit after Winning

If you ever win big while playing online casino games, quit for a few days. Pushing your luck in order to win even more is the number 1 reason so many people lose money while gambling.

For more tips regarding online casinos, click here.


BlackJack For Beginners: How to Walk Away A Winner


Blackjack is a card game that offers one of the most even odds in the casino. A smart blackjack player can lower the house advantage from around 2% to around 0.5% simply by playing smart. It is true that a lot of the great blackjack players can count cards; however, this is not the only way to walk away from the blackjack table as a winner.

Basic Strategy Tips

Counting cards takes a lot of practice and is not a recommended strategy for the beginning blackjack player. Experts recommend that beginners take some time to understand some of the basic strategies that professionals use to swing the odds of winning closer to their favor.

1. Know When to Hit and When to Stand

Hitting is when you want the dealer to give you another card. Standing is when you are satisfied with your cards and do not want another card. If you take a hit and go over 21 you lose, which is called a bust. The experts say that you should always hit when the dealer’s show card is between a 7 and ace, and when your hand totals 12 to 16. The dealer must always hit until he reaches 17. Once he reaches 17 he can no longer hit. It is best to hit when he is showing a 7 or higher because there is a high chance that his second card is a 10 or higher.

You should always stand when the dealer’s show card is between 2 and 6, and your hand totals between 12 and 16. This is because the dealer needs a 10 or higher to tie with one card, which means that he has a better chance of busting.

2. Know When to Split and When to Double

Splitting your hand can occur when you are dealt two of the same cards. This splits your hand into two separate hands. This doubles the bet and also doubles your chance of winning. The experts say that you should always split a pair of aces and a pair of 8s.

Doubling down simply means doubling your bet on your hand. The catch is that you can only take a hit for one more card. The experts say that the best cards to double down on are ace through 6.

By following these basic strategies you can be on your way to being a great blackjack player in no time.

hard rock casino

Rocking Hard Again


The Hard Rock Casino and Resort in Tulsa has music lovers in the area excited again by bringing to the stage 3 Doors Down. They are making this stop as part of their nationwide tour that will center around acoustic sets that create an intimate experience with the band’s music. Tickets to see them live at The Joint will only cost fans $55 and offer an unforgettable experience with the band that is unlike any other tour that they have put together before. There will also be onstage seating for VIP tickets that brings audience members even closer to the music.

A Set Like No Other

“Songs From the Basement” is a tour that offers listeners the chance to hear rarely performed live tracks from 3 Doors Down. They have an extensive catalogue from which to draw and typically experiment with songs and expand compositions when performing acoustic sets, according to the band. The audience response to sets in which they have taken this approach has been more than enthusiastic, provoking this nationwide show.

Rocking on For Ages

There is no doubt that the band’s popularity will draw in crowds from all over the region. They have sold over 16 million albums across the globe and taken home two American Music Awards. 3 Doors Down has also been nominated for three Grammys and been given BMI’s Songwriter of the Year award. Having gone platinum six times, the band’s initial release, “The Better Life,” has made it all possible. Among the general public, their song “Kryptonite” has gained the most acclaim.

Playing For a Cause

They have recently released a greatest hits album and topped the rock charts once again by including a new single entitled “One Light.” The greatest hits album includes remastered versions of their original hits and remixes that are placed alongside three additional new songs. The show will also feature the up and coming band Daughtry as the opening act. A considerable amount of the proceeds from this tour will also be going towards charitable organizations. The fundraising will assist hospitals and organizations around the country dedicated to supporting children who are in the most need.


A Quick History of Poker


Poker is today enjoying enormous popularity, but it took a while to get to this point. Read on for a brief history of poker.

A popular theory is that poker originated in France, but this might not be so. There was a card game in France known as poque, but the game only had three cards and didn’t play like poker. An increasingly accepted theory states that a more direct influence on the development of modern day poker was a Persian card game called as nas. As nas used five suits and only 25 cards, but was very similar to poker in many ways. It featured hand ranking, full houses, flushes, and betting.

It is generally agreed that modern poker was born in New Orleans in the early 19th century. Since New Orleans was a major French settlement, it was widely assumed that poker was a French invention. But what probably happened was that the game itself evolved from the Persian game of as nas, while the name evolved from the French game of poque.

Thanks to the riverboats of the 1800s, poker wound its way up the Mississippi River and into the hearts of North American society. The game started to change in the 1830s with the introduction of the 52 card deck. Other changes included the introduction of jokers, as well as new plays such as draws, and hand rankings like straights. Through the centuries, a wide variety of poker games have sprung up, with the tie that binds them all being the hand rankings.

What was once a game of ill repute has now gained mainstream acceptance, even to the point of being considered entertainment. Poker championships are internationally televised. People don’t even have to go to a casino to play if they don’t want to. They can play online, and they can even play for free. The game is immediately available to both fans and players alike.

The popularity of televised poker tourneys and online poker make it hard to imagine that the attractiveness of poker will ever wane.

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Card counting expert

Colin Jones Gets Caught Counting Cards

Card counting is a legal method of keeping track of what cards in a shoe have been dealt, and what cards remain. When a player can count cards, they can begin to bet higher when they have a good idea of what cards might be dealt. Many people learn to count cards using memory recall, which makes them smart players, not cheaters. Watch what happens when a 10-year card counting veteran named Colin Jones attempts to play blackjack using this strategy, and the way that casinos deal with players who are smart enough to come out on top.

Pay Attention To Electronic Games

Many casinos offer electronic versions of roulette and other games. These electronic games are programmed to have very similar odds to the live games and generally offer similar payouts. An electronic roulette game will generally have a much lower minimum wager, so this can be a good way to make a lower risk bet and still play the game.

It is important to pay special attention to your wagers in these games, however. While a standard roulette wheel spins around 30 times an hour, and electronic game can spin almost as fast as you can play. That can lead to much swifter losses and ending the night early if you don’t pay attention to the speed at which you are playing.

Whether you prefer electronic games or those with a live dealer is largely a matter of preference.

Get Started Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and for good reason. Since its creation, it has been providing thrilling game play and the potential for huge profitability to players of all experience levels. Perhaps the best thing about blackjack is how easy it is to learn how to play and see great results. With this being said, there are a few basic things that you should know before you start spending your money at the blackjack table.

Online Blackjack

Learning Basic Strategy

The first thing that you will want to do is learn basic blackjack strategy. Take some time to educate yourself on the different types of bets that are involved in the game and what you should do with each card combination that you are given. There are quite a few different game strategies out there, each with their own benefits. The best strategy for you will be one that allows you to have fun while playing while also giving you the best possible chance at coming out on top once you leave the table. A couple of basic things that you should learn, for instance, include when to hit, stand or double down for any hand and how to bet in a way that will conserve your bankroll and allow you to play for the longest amount of time possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

Playing just for fun without a real monetary investment is often a good idea if you are beginner blackjack player. This allows you to learn the ins and outs of the game without risking your hard earned money. When the time does come that you are ready to play with real money, you will be much more experienced and likely to succeed.

Learn Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

When you do choose to start playing in real money blackjack games, you will want to look into the deposit and withdrawal processes for each online casino that you are considering. The easier these processes are, the better off you will be. Read online reviews for any casino that you are looking at to learn how other players are faring there and find any special promotions that could benefit you, such as deposit bonuses.

These are just a few things that you should consider when you are looking to get started with playing blackjack. As you can see, this is not overly complicated, but a little bit of research and experimenting can go a long way in ensuring that you have an enjoyable playing experience.