Casino Craps Require More Skill Than You Think

At casinos in Europe and around the world, craps tables beckon players with high hopes that Lady Luck will smile their way. As a gambling game, craps is rarely considered to demand any skill level from players, but game theory researchers and casino analysts have recently started to pay attention to certain factors of craps that may be reliant upon player’s abilities.

casino craps game

Proper Rolling of the Dice

Casino players who hope to achieve some level of success at the craps table should realize that pure chance is the magic of this game. Unlike other games such as blackjack and poker, it is difficult to think about craps players as “grinders,” meaning that they would frequently engage in the game for the purpose of making a living.

Aside from money management, only two skills can be applied to craps: rolling and understanding table odds. Game theorists who factor in kinetics when studying craps believe that dice can be arranged and tossed in a certain way to avoid rolling the dreaded seven. Craps tables are designed to apply as much randomness to the game as possible, which is why rolling down the middle and straight against the back wall results in the invocation of pure chance.

Theoretically, a player with access to a practice craps table could experiment with different throws that hit the back wall at different spots. The player would have to take notes, try different rolling techniques for hours, and be mindful of the basic odds of craps, such as how easy it is to roll a seven, which can happen with six possible combinations.

What about online craps? Without the physical aspect of the table, the skill factor of rolling the dice goes away.

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