Seminole Tribe Seeks Governor’s Help For Offering Blackjack

Florida’s government had given the Seminole Tribe the exclusive rights to offer blackjack, baccarat and other popular card games in return for cut of $1 billion over five give years. But recently the state broke this promise of exclusivity by allowing online blackjack and poker across the state. Due to this development the Seminole Tribe has asked Gov. Rick Scott to dissolve the dispute and reach an amicable understanding. Tribal chairman has requested government permission to allow them to offer card games without paying any money to state as it does not have exclusivity any more. If this matter does not get resolved soon then the tribe can also approach federal courts for solution.

Five years ago the government of Florida had a formal agreement with Indian tribe Seminole to exclusively provide card games like baccarat, blackjack and others

Details of Seminole Compact

Five years ago the government of Florida had a formal agreement with Indian tribe Seminole to exclusively provide card games like baccarat, blackjack and others within the state which is referred to as “Seminole Compact”. If the government does not revoke the licence given to electronic gambling firms in the state then Seminole may stop paying the $200 million it is paying every to the state. The tribe’s chairman has sent a request to the governor’s office stating that it will keep paying the agreed amount to state till the problem is resolved.

About Seminole Tribe owned casinos

The Seminole Tribe has two casinos in Florida, namely we Seminole casino hotel at Immokalee and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at Tampa. While earlier the tribe was willing to negotiate a new term with the state it has now asked for permission to keep running the blackjack and baccarat card tables without paying the high fees. This is because blackjack themed electronic slot machines are eating into their profits and soon Seminole may have to shut down the card tables. If no resolution is done within forthcoming thirty to sixty days then the tribe will seek mediation or sue the state for breach of contract.

Blackjack, You, and the Pharmaceutical CEO

Do you think you know what blackjack is all about? You probably think it is all about making money. Maybe you believe it is about having some quality time with your friends. Perhaps you believe blackjack and other forms of gambling are simply ways to relax after a long day or while enjoying a vacation. All of these are true. However, scientists also like to link blackjack and other gambling games to big corporations. At least one connection has been made between blackjack gambling and big pharmaceutical companies.

Big pharmaceutical companies invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul

Big pharmaceutical companies are a lot like gamblers at the blackjack table. Yes, some gamblers win after sitting down a few times and walking away. However, skilled blackjack players know the big payout comes after a considerable amount of time is spent sitting at the table, watching cards, and watching the other players. Big pharmaceutical companies are doing just that. They invest their money into the pot hoping they will win big over the long haul. The chips represent their investment money. What do their cards represent? The cards represent all of those researchers they have toiling away at the next big drug.

Many hands don’t play out at the blackjack table. The same is true with the researchers toiling away in the drug lab. Many of the drugs don’t work and don’t ever see the light of day. However, the companies know that eventually they will come across that wonder drug that will be used by millions of people and bring in billions of dollars in profits. That is the type of blackjack payout these companies are waiting for. So think about these things the next time you play blackjack. You are no different than the CEO of a billion dollar company.

New Acquisition by Elray Gaming

Elray Gaming has widened its business with a new acquisition in the form of additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino. With this move, Elray’s ownership of Golden Galaxy has reached 48 percent.


 Value of the acquisition

Monetary value aside, this is quite a smart business move from Elray. Golden Galaxy is a reputable casino with a worldwide presence and its revenue has been going upward with every passing month. Golden Galaxy business is a remarkable addition to Elray’s ever-expanding with everything related to gaming industry.


additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino.


Golden Galaxy offers a variety of slot games, poker, craps, roulette and blackjack with safe transactions options. It has amazing games with great graphics, which have the players keep coming to the casino. It also offers regular promotions and keeps adding new games to its repertoire. With progressive jackpots in play, Golden Galaxy is a fun and thrilling online casino for gaming fans. This makes it a very valuable business addition to Elray Business. No doubt, it made the move to increase its stake in the casino from 23 percent to 48 percent.


Elray acquisition strategy

Elray is an American company but has a worldwide presence. They have offices in London, Sydney, Curacao and other locations and this helps them manage and safeguard their businesses in every important territory.

The company is known to acquire gaming properties, trademarks, domains and even player databases. It uses patented software, which helps protect its intellectual properties. Elray is also known to take risks when it comes to its acquisitions. However, with Golden Galaxy it seems that Elray has acquired a golden business venture worth its every dime. As long as both companies are solid, both stand to profit from the new deal.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Parties with Casino Legend

Paris Hilton is the quintessential party girl. Often seen with the famous names at party destinations all over the world; she was recently seen with the casino legend Don Johnson.


Party details

Paris Hilton is now doing DJ gigs all over the world it seems. This past October she was in the Atlantic City where she was the DJ at Harrah’s. But while music was rocking at the hotspot from Hilton’s spins; Don Johnson arrived and began his own champagne party. If the people witnessing the scene are to be believed he spent close to $15000 on the bubbly. It was one bottle after another of Ace of Spades and Moët.

Seeing the two together later on wasn’t that surprising as the two have been friends for a long time. So was it just two friends meeting and partying or there is more to the pair seen together, there is no way to tell just yet.


And some more

Now much is known about Paris Hilton; more than necessary some would say. However, she has been on the public radar for many years now and for many things as well. A born heiress to a hotel empire, she has no shortage of money whether inherited or earned. She is also an actress and runs quite a few successful businesses. So if she is seen with the high and mighty from the world of entertainment and sport, she certainly goes for the glam quotient it seems and not money alone.

Now Don Johnson is a casino legend himself. He is well-known for making millions from the Atlantic City casinos. During 2011 he is said to have won nearly $11 million from various casinos in the Atlantic City within a short period of six months. His gambling wins began in 2010 when he won a sum of $4 million playing blackjack at the Caesars. He again cleared the house when playing at Borgata and won a cool $4.9 million playing a mean game of blackjack again.

So it is not surprising that when these two notorious party hoppers are seen together, it makes news.

Blackjack in Germany

Players Agree: Baden-Baden Is the Place to Go For Blackjack in Germany


For a number of reasons, blackjack in German casinos seems to get a bad reputation. Whether it’s because of poor odds, or simply is not a local favorite, it’s not uncommon for travelers visiting the casinos to skip on the blackjack tables and pursue other games. This is a phenomenon that many foreign visitors find somewhat odd, particularly those who come from London, where casinos are often packed with blackjack players waiting upwards of an hour or more for a seat at a table. However, blackjack players traveling in Germany should not fret – there is a solution! The Baden-Baden casino has been named by even some of the harshest critics of the blackjack-less casinos in Germany as a great destination for the game.Blackjack

The Baden-Baden is one of the oldest casinos of its type, with traditional games and tables in a stunningly ornate building. The structure is reminiscent of something you’d see on the set of a classic mob or action film, with the mysterious characters sitting about smoking cigars as they play hands of blackjack or poker over smalltalk. This distinctive old-school elegance and luxury is often cited as one of the very reasons for the success of the blackjack tables at Baden-Baden. The simple nostalgia and experience of channeling Frank Sinatra or Clark Gable is almost irresistible for many Western travelers.

The minimum bet of €5 allows an affordable buy-in that tourists flocking to the casino for the novel experience alone can enjoy without breaking their bank accounts. However, the flexible €500 maximum bet also provides the potential for much higher stakes amongst those who have come to truly play a serious game with serious stakes. This relatively wide betting margin creates an atmosphere that provides blackjack tables with quite a bit of flexibility. With the charm of the building itself, the reasonable buy-in, and the volume of tourists coming to experience one of the oldest casinos in existence, it’s no wonder that all five blackjack tables at the establishment are often filled. While there are many casinos to explore in Germany, it seems that Baden-Baden should be the blackjack player’s destination.