Intro: On the Green to Make Green

To the casual observer, the art of gambling and the sport of golf share some interesting similarities. In each sport, the game runs far throughout the day, and is full of impossible shots, long odds and ungodly amounts of luck. However, as any golfer or gambler knows, the game can be finessed and wooed to the desirable outcome with the proper skill-set and ice-cold mentality.

Argyle online slot


On 2015/10/2, a Bloodsport-esque tourney will take place online. The 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament in effect pits up to 1000 contestants up against each other via the Argyle Open slot machine. The entry fee is 4 EUR, a small buy-in for the chance at big winnings.


The Argyle Open is a vibrant, enticing piece of machinery who’s reels and paylines are set against the peaceful backdrop of the green. The audio and visuals on this machine are truly stunning, keeping the gambler in front of it fully engaged. Imaginative multi-level bonus rounds and varying coin values add layers of depth to the playing experience. Take a look below to discover more features:

  • 5 reels with a whopping 40 paylines, up to 400 coin bet
  • Wild symbols pay up to 1000 coins and are equivalent to any other symbol

3+ Gold Ball/Scatter symbols activate 3 bonus levels, which can lead to 20 free spins!

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