New Acquisition by Elray Gaming

Elray Gaming has widened its business with a new acquisition in the form of additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino. With this move, Elray’s ownership of Golden Galaxy has reached 48 percent.


 Value of the acquisition

Monetary value aside, this is quite a smart business move from Elray. Golden Galaxy is a reputable casino with a worldwide presence and its revenue has been going upward with every passing month. Golden Galaxy business is a remarkable addition to Elray’s ever-expanding with everything related to gaming industry.


additional stake in the Golden Galaxy Casino.


Golden Galaxy offers a variety of slot games, poker, craps, roulette and blackjack with safe transactions options. It has amazing games with great graphics, which have the players keep coming to the casino. It also offers regular promotions and keeps adding new games to its repertoire. With progressive jackpots in play, Golden Galaxy is a fun and thrilling online casino for gaming fans. This makes it a very valuable business addition to Elray Business. No doubt, it made the move to increase its stake in the casino from 23 percent to 48 percent.


Elray acquisition strategy

Elray is an American company but has a worldwide presence. They have offices in London, Sydney, Curacao and other locations and this helps them manage and safeguard their businesses in every important territory.

The company is known to acquire gaming properties, trademarks, domains and even player databases. It uses patented software, which helps protect its intellectual properties. Elray is also known to take risks when it comes to its acquisitions. However, with Golden Galaxy it seems that Elray has acquired a golden business venture worth its every dime. As long as both companies are solid, both stand to profit from the new deal.