Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Parties with Casino Legend

Paris Hilton is the quintessential party girl. Often seen with the famous names at party destinations all over the world; she was recently seen with the casino legend Don Johnson.


Party details

Paris Hilton is now doing DJ gigs all over the world it seems. This past October she was in the Atlantic City where she was the DJ at Harrah’s. But while music was rocking at the hotspot from Hilton’s spins; Don Johnson arrived and began his own champagne party. If the people witnessing the scene are to be believed he spent close to $15000 on the bubbly. It was one bottle after another of Ace of Spades and Moët.

Seeing the two together later on wasn’t that surprising as the two have been friends for a long time. So was it just two friends meeting and partying or there is more to the pair seen together, there is no way to tell just yet.


And some more

Now much is known about Paris Hilton; more than necessary some would say. However, she has been on the public radar for many years now and for many things as well. A born heiress to a hotel empire, she has no shortage of money whether inherited or earned. She is also an actress and runs quite a few successful businesses. So if she is seen with the high and mighty from the world of entertainment and sport, she certainly goes for the glam quotient it seems and not money alone.

Now Don Johnson is a casino legend himself. He is well-known for making millions from the Atlantic City casinos. During 2011 he is said to have won nearly $11 million from various casinos in the Atlantic City within a short period of six months. His gambling wins began in 2010 when he won a sum of $4 million playing blackjack at the Caesars. He again cleared the house when playing at Borgata and won a cool $4.9 million playing a mean game of blackjack again.

So it is not surprising that when these two notorious party hoppers are seen together, it makes news.