Blackjack in Germany

Players Agree: Baden-Baden Is the Place to Go For Blackjack in Germany


For a number of reasons, blackjack in German casinos seems to get a bad reputation. Whether it’s because of poor odds, or simply is not a local favorite, it’s not uncommon for travelers visiting the casinos to skip on the blackjack tables and pursue other games. This is a phenomenon that many foreign visitors find somewhat odd, particularly those who come from London, where casinos are often packed with blackjack players waiting upwards of an hour or more for a seat at a table. However, blackjack players traveling in Germany should not fret – there is a solution! The Baden-Baden casino has been named by even some of the harshest critics of the blackjack-less casinos in Germany as a great destination for the game.Blackjack

The Baden-Baden is one of the oldest casinos of its type, with traditional games and tables in a stunningly ornate building. The structure is reminiscent of something you’d see on the set of a classic mob or action film, with the mysterious characters sitting about smoking cigars as they play hands of blackjack or poker over smalltalk. This distinctive old-school elegance and luxury is often cited as one of the very reasons for the success of the blackjack tables at Baden-Baden. The simple nostalgia and experience of channeling Frank Sinatra or Clark Gable is almost irresistible for many Western travelers.

The minimum bet of €5 allows an affordable buy-in that tourists flocking to the casino for the novel experience alone can enjoy without breaking their bank accounts. However, the flexible €500 maximum bet also provides the potential for much higher stakes amongst those who have come to truly play a serious game with serious stakes. This relatively wide betting margin creates an atmosphere that provides blackjack tables with quite a bit of flexibility. With the charm of the building itself, the reasonable buy-in, and the volume of tourists coming to experience one of the oldest casinos in existence, it’s no wonder that all five blackjack tables at the establishment are often filled. While there are many casinos to explore in Germany, it seems that Baden-Baden should be the blackjack player’s destination.