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Tiny Tower Vegas Review: What Happens In Vegas Is All Fun!

Have you played the Tiny Tower, the original tower game by NimbleBit? If yes, it certainly won’t be difficult for you to understand Tiny Tower Vegas—a game you can enjoy on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is the latest offering from NimbleBit, an American developer and publisher of mobile apps. The essential task you have to accomplish is to construct a towering skyscraper as you earn coins and use the same to build the floors. If you win enough currency, you are empowered to construct a new floor.


Rich detailing makes it worthwhile

The game gets as addictive as it can possibly get because you would want to keep raising that tower. The huge difference between other such Tower versions and Tiny Tower Vegas is that here guests have to check out and check in to suites. The casino theme is what makes the game worth paying a visit to. A floor you construct could host a slots game, or blackjack, and the games cost you chips. For you to earn chips, you could get them through quests, tips and other such tasks. The game allows you to earn lots of Bux, which is the traditional currency, but the inclusion of chips is interesting. While Bux and coins are what you would need to accumulate, chips have the potential to be hoarded in a short time. Friends can visit your tower to see how much progress you have made and even tip you with chips after they participate in the casino games, so it helps to have a good list of friends.


Charming game

Tiny Tower Vegas is a charming game, hardly tedious and you are bound to love it. This offering from NimbleBit is full of rich detailing, from the Bitizens, to the sound of thunder or roars of a dinosaur, all making it a highly enriching experience.

The free-to-play game is now available for downloading across the world following a soft launch some time back. The sequel also has features present in the original version like the BitBook, a social network site, with cool statuses.

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